Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary , Mollem

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, Mollem, forms part of the Western Ghats, extending from North to South on Eastern side of State of Goa, and are internationally renowned for its anthropological and natural attributes for years.  With an area of 240 km this is the largest contiguous wildlife protected area in Goa. The forest is predominantly semi-evergreen and evergreen type and is abode to a rich diversity of flora and fauna.  This Sanctuary also has some important geological and historical places worth visiting. Besides an endemic population of different Wild animals like White bellied Woodpecker, Mouse deer, Malabar Tee Nymph, Grey Headed Bulbul etc., The Protected Area also harbors a wide range of faunal species some of with figure prominently in the IUCN Red List, These species including Dhole or Indian Wild Dog, Sloth Bear, Indian Otter, Leopard, Tiger and Rock Python.  A very rare primate Slender Loris locally known as Van Manus can be seen in densely forested areas of National Park.  There are 43 species of mammals, 250 species of Birds and several species of reptiles have been reported. Park has good habitat for Gaur other herbivores are Sambar, Spotted Deer, Chousing, Barking Deer Mouse Deer, Wild Pig and rarely Elephants, which migrate from neighboring state of Karnataka.
Bird Trails at Mollem
Glimpses of Bird Trails at Mollem


Bondla Wildlife sanctuary is spread over 7.98 sq.kms rich in flora and fauna. It is predominantly being a moist deciduous, with small patches of semi evergreen forest and cane alongside small calm streams, the trees dominant here are Terminalia cranulata and Xylia xylocarpa. however its diverse birdlife, easy sighting of wild animals make the place must visit. The place in every birders checklist for sighting of Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, Malabar Trogon, Emerald Dove, Velvet fronted Nuthatch, Black Naped Monarch etc.
Bird Trails at Bondla
Glimpses of Bird Trails at Bondla


Satpal Arboretum established in 1974 over an area of 24.5 hactares the arboretum consist of 82 plots of different tree species forming different microclimates for biodiversity here. The area supports numerous birds butterflies and lesser known fauna.
Bird Trails at Satpal
Glimpses of Bird Trails at Satpal

Bird Festival  Central

Bird Festival Central is located at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary, Mollem. At Bird Festival Central, you can register and check-in for field trips, get a festival program, pick-up a birding checklist, and get your questions answered.

How to get there:

From the Dabolim airport or Margao railway station , you can hire taxis to reach the sanctuary. Buses and taxis are available from Margao and Panaji to Mollem. You can also reach by hired motorcycles easily available in Goa. The Mollem can be accessed by the following road routes: Local buses ply between Panaji and Margao too.

    • Panaji – Ponda – Tiska – Mollem ( 57kms )
    • Margao – Ponda – Tiska – Mollem ( 42kms )
    • Belgaum– Anmod Ghat – Mollem ( 85kms ) 

Nearest rail Station :  Collem (South Central Railway), Thivim & Karmali (Konkan Railway)

Nearest airport: Dabolim Airport – Goa


In Kilometres , to Mollem  from:

  • Panaji: 57
  • Margao: 44
  • Mapusa : 68
  • Belgaum: 85

For help planning your route, click “Get Directions” on the interactive map below.

Taxi  Services

There are plenty of local taxi services in the area to help you on your way to the Bird Festival venue, most of which can be availed from  Hotels, Airport , Railway Station & Major Bus stand  viz Panaji, Ponda & Mapusa.

Parking is Free at Bird Festival!

Includes parking for cars, some disabled parking and parking for coaches. Bicycle parking is also available. Visitors are strongly encouraged to walk, bike, carpool or use shuttle transportation to and from Bird Festival activities whenever possible.


What to Bring

Expect sunny weather but be prepared for mildly chill mornings and evenings. It is, after all, winter at the foot hills of Western ghats !  Wear sturdy footwear and lightly layered clothing. Binoculars are essential for birding! Spotting scopes, cameras, and bird field guides are optional, but recommended for your enjoyment.

  No pets at Bird Festival events, please